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How Does Semen Affect Your Skin?

Most people do all they can to take care of their skin. Women in particular, spend millions of dollars buying products to protect and make their skin better, younger and healthier. For several reasons, one would never imagine that sperm would be something associated with skin care. Part of that is because sperm is kind of an awkward and personal topic to talk about. Ideally, most people generally think of sperm when sex is involved. That’s when discussing pregnancy, babies and sexual intercourse. The latter leading to sexual acts such as what to do with the sperm; i.e. spit it out, swallow it and so on. However, outside of what happens in the bedroom, male sperm has several uses.

Believe it or not, there are numerous uses for semen which don’t necessarily involve intercourse. For example, some believe that semen helps thwart off tooth decay. After all, it is full of vitamins such as calcium and zinc. Doctors also believe that sperm helps pregnant women who swallow it, prevent morning sickness. The baby’s father sperm helps her by building a higher tolerance to things already within her body. Additionally, studies show that women who’s vaginas were exposed to sperm, were happier. As a result, psychologist in the survey view it as an anti-depressant for the women.

Out of all of these uses for semen, there is one that is generating a higher degree of buzz. It is the question of what effects male sperm has on your skin. For some time now, there have been articles, videos and even television shows claiming that semen is good for your skin. According to one popular TV show called Nip/Tuck, having a ‘semen facial’ done is supposed to be great for your skin. The show based this claim due to an ingredient called spermine found in male semen. That element they said, is good for helping wrinkles prevention and softening your skin. You also have tutorial videos online showing semen facials and its benefits.

Based on this and other information, many began to believe and literally buy into the sperm being good for your skin idea. As of now, there are spas all over the country which offer women spermine facials. Coincidentally, you can purchase skin creams which have semen as one of their primary ingredients. Nonetheless, there is no proof or actual evidence that semen is good for your skin. Nor is there proof that any of these methods actually work. That still hasn’t stopped people from peddling the sperm is good for your skin theory. In fact, just like many other wives tales, this one caught on with many people.

Perhaps it is why you have so many individuals interested in viewing cumshot videos. Yet anyone who tells you that semen is good for your skin or that it has benefits, is misleading you. They are either ill-informed or they want to sell you something for their own financial gain. This does not mean you have to stop letting your partner or boyfriend from coming on your face. Sex is enjoyable and if this makes you or him happy, then by all means do it. Just remember that sexual enjoyment may be the only actual benefit that positively comes from having semen spilled on your face.