Dermatologists explain why sex is actually good for your skin

Achieving great glowing skin is definitely one of the goals of many men and women who frequent the dermatologist’s clinic. But did you know that sex is actually good for your skin? Sex is the absolute source of joy. Aside from the physical relief, sex can be a form of exercise, and it can contribute greatly to great skin too.

Sex reduces the cortisol levels

After you had sex, your skin glows and you always notice that your cheeks look flushed, but you have associated it to the orgasm you just had. Truth is, that flush and glow in your skin is due to the oxygen boost that resulted from the blood rush when you had sex. Sex is highly beneficial because it reduces your cortisol level, or what is commonly known as the stress hormone. When you engage in sex, your collagen production increases, which lead to more protein in your body that keeps your skin supple, and younger-looking.

How often to have sex for better skin?

To achieve great skin, you must have regular sex, at least once a week, or more beneficial if it’s three times a week. Regular sex provides longer-lasting benefits to your skin, and you can expect to have brighter, younger, clearer complexion.


Well, if you do not have a sexual partner, or simply do not have time to find one, you can always do masturbation. Though you cannot reap all the complete benefits of actual sex, masturbation is still good for your skin since the blood rush in coming can increase your blood flow, and you will get an afterglow appearance. Regular masturbation is recommended to maintain your healthy skin, and if you really cannot find a partner, then masturbate at least three times a week for total satisfaction.

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