Foods to eat to avoid scalp psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is an incurable condition that results in dry, scaled, reddish scalp. If you have scalp psoriasis, there are foods that you can eat that will help in reducing the itchiness and redness of your scalp, but it will not cure your condition. Nevertheless, it is always good to have something to do that will aid in lessening the difficult situation. But if you do not have scalp psoriasis but are prone to have that condition, then the same foods that will help reduce the condition will assist in avoiding it as well.

Remember that eating the following foods will not achieve an overnight result. It will take patience and consistency to reap the rewards. Do not loose heart if there are no changes the day after you’ve eaten the healthy foods. It may take days, or even weeks, for you to clearly see the positive result of your diet. So just be patient, and continue to eat healthy foods.

Whole grains

Whole grains contribute to the dropping of your blood sugar levels. You should eat cereals and bread that highly comprises of folic acid.

Fish oil

Anti-inflammatory components are important to intake when you have scalp psoriasis, and fish oil is abundant with that. To lessen the intensity of your head scratching, eat salmon and tuna regularly.

Green group

Your scalp can fight scalp psoriasis if you have high amount of methotrexate in your body. You can get this from eating from the green group of food, like green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, avocados, and the berry family.


When you eat chicken, do not include the skin since it is not good for the scalp psoriasis. Eat more low-fat dairy, nuts, seeds, and legumes to gain healthy fats that will aid in you fight against scalp psoriasis.

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